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The Powerfully Advertising Views Campaign

Personalizable. Cost-effective. Quantitative.

Sales is a numbers game. Selling a property can be easier when more people see it. We guarantee Powerfully Advertising Views at premium, high-volume online sites with high-end, luxury buyers. That means your listings gets in front of a lot of people.

Premium Sites

The Powerfully Advertising Views program is a customized banner advertising program with guaranteed impressions and click-throughs.


We personalize your banner ad program. We make it affordable for you and we measure your results. Yes. We really do guarantee impressions. And click-throughs too. And of course custom programs available.

Cost-effective and Quantitative.

Get the most out of your marketing dollars with affordable and measurable results that only a digital program can offer. Link directly to your property website or give viewers a virtual tour.

Advertise locally. Advertise globally.

With beautifully detailed property photos, your listing can be customized to showcase your property’s unique selling features, allowing you to target by country, region, state, city or zip code.

The One Million Impressions program

Comprehensive Planning And Unparalleled Design

The Powerfully Advertising Views launch and planning report gives you a complete picture of your upcoming campaign.  This is how it works:

Choose or custom the program to your budget, managing the number of impressions and duration of the campaign to help achieve optimal results.

2,000,000 Powerfully Advertising Views

2,000 Guaranteed Click-Throughs

$3,875 per month

1,000,000 Powerfully Advertising Views

1,000 Guaranteed Click-Throughs

$1,999 per month

500,000 Powerfully Advertising Views

500 Guaranteed Click-Throughs

$1,250 per month

250,000 Powerfully Advertising Views

250 Guaranteed Click-Throughs

$875 per month

Minimum 3 month commitment based on an annual contract cancellable with 30 day notice.

Target Sites:

By identifying the best sites to feature your property and your ads appear only on your approved sites. We chose lifestyle sites for this campaign. With hundreds of high quality sites in multiple categories to choose from we are able to customize the site selection specifically to your campaign’s required reach both locally and globally.

Targeting: Advertise locally. Advertise globally

We identify where potential buyers are found and use the information to identify the areas to geo-target.

Design Banner Ads

We design and produce banner ads for your campaign that best reflect your property and company image. We assist with photo selection and editing as well as ad design and sizing.

Ad Units:

300 × 250
300 × 250
728 × 90
728 × 90
970 × 250
970 × 250
160 × 600
160 × 600
300 × 600
300 × 600

One time banner generation fee $250. All banners click-through to the website of your choice.


With a well planned campaign you can influence your desired audience effectively and affordably.

Comprehensive Reporting For Your Customized Campaign

We give you complete and comprehensive reporting starting at the launch, during and at the end of your campaign. Here is a sample:

Choose or custom the program to your budget, managing the number of impressions and duration of the campaign to help achieve optimal results.

We project the number of impressions (times the ad appears on each site) during your campaign. This campaign exceeded our impression projection by almost 70k.

With 3,735 total clicks and a .12% click-through rate, this campaign beat the industry average of .09% by 25%. Most often our campaigns exceed industry standards.

Report Intro
Day by Site report

The number of impressions are broken down by number and site for the duration of the campaign.

The delivery by site is broken down into delivered impressions, clicks and click-through rate. This allows you to see on what sites your ads are performing well and where there needs improvement. With this information we are able to adjust the campaign for maximum effectiveness.

Delivery by Site

You can geo-target your campaign to specific areas where your buyers are located and see how your ads perform in impressions, clicks and click-through rates in your selected areas.

Delivery by geographic segment

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